Things to do


For a small village of less than 1.500 inhabitants you many choices.

If you are interested in ” not so distant past “, Siglufjörður offers you interesting museums. The Herring museum has won international awards and few museums in Iceland can match it. In the Folk Music museum there is more than meets the eye. In the museum is a display of the collection of the local priest Mr Bjarni Þorsteinsson who collected music and poetry amongst old people sometimes in remote farms. In many cases only one or two people, who knew this music and poetry, were still living when he made the visit.  Today, his collection is an important part of the music inheritance of Iceland and performed in frequent concerts all over Iceland.

Once you are in Siglufjörður,  surrounded by mountains,  hiking is an obvious choice. You can either walk straight up in the mountain above the village or just drive you car to the top road of the village, park the car and start walking.

Play golf, contact the local club and check if you can play. Sometimes it is possible to borrow clubs, you must check with the club.

Go fishing. Fishing in the local river is free and no restriction on access. You need permission for fishing in Héðinsfjörður and in Fljót, the area east and west of Siglufjörður. For the lake in Héðinsfjörður, obtain permission in the local gas station.

Horse riding is another possibilities and exploring old shipwreck by scuba diving is also possible.

Pick berries from late July to early August and enjoy this lovely dessert with wipped cream.