There are several alternatives. You can stay in camping ground,  in you trailer, rent  appartment or stay at a hotel which offer sleeping bag facilities but also ordinary hotel rooms with breakfast. For those in the camping ground, the swimming pool in northern part of the village is usually open in the morning and the afternoon, but check the opening hours usually posted on the entrance.

Below is a list over all the relevant establishments, including telephone number and email addresses. If the establishments have their own webpages, only links to those webpages are provided. You just click on the name. Once on the correct webpage, you will find all relevant information including email and phone numbers.

Camping in Siglufjörður

There are two areas , one is located in a quiet place in southern edge of the village, and the other is close to the center. The one in the center has  running water and toilets and only one minute walk to shops, restaurants and pups.  About 10 minutes walk is between the two camping grounds. Reservation is usually not needed.

Contacts:  The offices of the municipality of Fjallabyggð,  Gránugötu 4, 580, Siglufirði, tel. +354 464 9100, email

Hotels in Siglufjörður

Gistihúsið Hvanneyri

Gistihúsið Tröllaskagi

The Herring Guesthouse

Appartments and houses.

Rental service of Valló, ( Leigumiðlun Valló), They have excellent  selection of all sort of apartments and houses. Contact: Valló hf, phone: 893-5059, email: